Hey everyone! Chris Waffle, here. If you’re like me, you love music. Specifically, nerdy music and songs about geeky pop culture. Well, this year has been a great year for new music like that and I’ve been enjoying some rad new albums so much that I couldn’t help but share! After all…sharing is caring! That’s how we do!

Now, these are in no particular order. I’ve been enjoying them all for the past few weeks. Are you ready for some auditory fun? Okay! Let’s go!


The Doubleclicks – Love Problems

I’ll start off with the album that climbed all the way to the top of the Billboard charts, The Doubleclicks “Love Problems”. I could easily say that this album is a bit of a departure for the duo as there are no fun songs about cats or dinosaurs on this one. However, instead are some very personal and touching songs about emotional truths. That’s not to say that the album isn’t fun, it totally is. But it also makes you think and feel and in that way, takes it to another level. Another way this is a bit of a departure is due to the amazing production on the album by Danielle Ate The Sandwich. I mean, the album SOUNDS fantastic all the way through and there are layers on these songs that I just love. DISCLAIMER: I do appear on some background vocals on the song “Extra Gin” and my wife and I appear in the music video for that song. But in any case, I’m loving this album.

Tracks I’m Especially Digging: Wrong About Gender and Juneau 

The PDX Broadsides – Trust Issues

Staying up in our neighborhood of good ‘ol Portland, here’s an album of fun and catchy tunes that I’m really enjoying. With “Trust Issues“, of course, the trio continues to delight with their acoustic theme and beautiful three part harmonies, however this time they have added further instrumentation such as piano, cello, and (be still my heart) bass guitar. Everything fits and sound great. I feel that I could even say this album, like Love Problems, gets into deeper emotional territory but it still has those geeky references about Star Wars and comics that I long for. I guess things are getting a little more serious for us nerds. I blame Trump.

Tracks I’m Especially Digging: Tiny Little Octopus and Delta You Delta Me

2d6 – Bottomless Fries and Other Reasons We Hate Ourselves

Moving into the Nerdcore category, I first witnessed 2D6 at FuMPFest 2016 and they were a blast live. Fortunately, I can say that the excitement and humor of their live show definitely translates to their albums and “Bottomless Fries and Other Reasons We Hate Ourselves” is no exception. By far the longest album on this short list (with 20 tracks!) it’s chalk full of clever concepts and geeky references, chip tunes and special guests. And not only is the album funny and clever, but their lyrical skills are on point. I also feel that some of the samples they rhyme over are really creative and things that I would not expect to be used as the base for a hip hop song, yet it turns out amazing. Now, let me tell you that these guys, on every album, title their songs with absolutely nothing to do with the actual song itself. For instance, Track 11, which is about hanging out at a pop culture convention is titled “Reverse Mayonnaise Catheter”. Joel really enjoys this idea but I, um, struggle with it at times. In any case, this album is a new favorite of mine.

Tracks I’m Especially Digging: Track 7 and Track 15

I guess that’s about it for now. Going through bandcamp today, I realize that I am woefully behind in my geek music collection. It’s time to catch up! But I did just preorder Chamber Band’s next one coming out in a few weeks so that’s exciting. Have a great weekend!