Chris Waffle here! Hey everybody! It’s been crazy here at Megathruster central since our blast off a few months ago.  I realized that I’ve been slacking at updating this blog and so here I am.

First, we are so excited to be playing GENCON in a few days! It’s our first trip there and we just can’t wait. We hope some of you can come see us and who know, maybe one of you will guide the starship during our very own Choose Your Own Rockventure?

We just updated our show schedule and we have a cool one coming up when we get back from GENCON with Canada’s very own The Runaway Four and Kirby Krackle  which should make for an awesome night of nerdy video game inspired fun.

Anyway, things are going great and we have some new music videos in the works and we have been working on some new music as well!  I want to close out this one with a HUGE thanks to all the kind reviews and comments 20 Sided Vice is receving.  I had a blast on the podcast interviews I did the past few months. I think that’s about it for now…see you at GENCONNNNNNNN!!!!!