Hey everyone! Chris here. After a super busy campaign season helping my wife successfully run for city council and a hectic holiday season, I wanted to come back and make an effort to regularly keep connected and share my thoughts as Megathruster blasts off to 2017.

We really hope you enjoyed the two holiday tunes we put out at the end of last year, “The Halloween Maze” and “1985 Sears Christmas Catalog”. We had a lot of fun doing them and some exciting news, we are working on a new album to come out later this year. We’ve already debuted a couple of the new tunes live with more to come. I have to admit that I have been having a hard time writing our usual funny and quirky songs with everything going on in the world right now. Without getting super political here, Megathruster is very much not happy with the course of the current regime and I have found myself writing more serious tunes and the funnier lyrics have been few and far between. So while I still want to stay true to what we started out as, I think you can expect some deeper themes on the next album. I mean, as deep as I go anyway. Which isn’t really that deep.

In other news, we are super looking forward to playing Nerd Camp at Red Castle Games in Portland tomorrow night. The Nerd Camps are always a fun event for a great cause so if you are in the area, come check it out. We also have a couple of cool shows and things coming up that I will talk about next time!

Until then, keep fighting the good fight!

Your pal,