We are now just MERE DAYS from the official album release and I still have more folks to thank! It really is true when they say it takes a village to create a nerd rock album.

First off, a huge thanks to Mr. Christian Lipski from The PDX Broadsides who went above and beyond with his guitar, drums and singing skills. I would not have been able to complete the album without him. And along with the Broadsides, I’d like to thank the other nerdy groups in the scene who have been so gracious and welcoming, such as our close, personal friends The Doubleclicks and Kirby Krackle who gave me my first chance to rock a comic book store here. I also want to thank the town of Canby, OR. who I’m not sure know what to make of Megathruster.

Anyway, there are more people to thank, I’m sure, and I will update this list accordingly.  I’m currently neck deep in awesome podcast interviews and prep for album release. Much more on that soon!! Also, I can’t wait to introduce you guys to Joel!