About the album cover…

I had a giant nerdgasm yesterday when I received the final versions of the artwork for 20 Sided Vice.  My brother Timm really outdid himself for me and I really appreciate his hard work during such a busy time on his end. I'm not exactly sure what is happening in this picture but I do [...]

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It IS out yet…well the first music video anyway

Wow, it's  a very exciting morning for me because our music video for "It's Not Out Yet" is up on youtube for your viewing pleasure! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuyvFSMnZOk The full lyrics and credits are on the video page. I am so thankful to Executive Producer Sarah Waffle for making everything come together as well as everyone [...]

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An Interview with Guardian Shield

I'm back from New Orleans!  I had an amazing time and as I begin my gumbo/hush puppy detox, I can finally get the music video for "It's Not Out Yet" completed.  However, since I know you can all hardly wait, here's a little behind the scenes look! It's an interview with super hero Guardian Shield [...]

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