More Thanks

We are now just MERE DAYS from the official album release and I still have more folks to thank! It really is true when they say it takes a village to create a nerd rock album. First off, a huge thanks to Mr. Christian Lipski from The PDX Broadsides who went above and beyond with [...]

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Sarah of All Trades

As the album release date draws near, I need to write about someone without whom, this album would not exist. Sarah Waffle (host and creator of the gaming vlog Critical Brix) is my amazing wife and definitely the force behind the business of Megathruster.  In fact, when I moved up to the Portland area, it [...]

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We need more llamas in the mix!

I have been listening to the final mastered mixes of the album for a couple of weeks now and I am just so pleased with how everything sounds.  This is the best sounding album I have ever released in my nerd/comedy music career and I owe most of that to Jon Dark at Pyrate Llama [...]

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