It IS out yet…well the first music video anyway

Wow, it's  a very exciting morning for me because our music video for "It's Not Out Yet" is up on youtube for your viewing pleasure! The full lyrics and credits are on the video page. I am so thankful to Executive Producer Sarah Waffle for making everything come together as well as everyone [...]

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An Interview with Guardian Shield

I'm back from New Orleans!  I had an amazing time and as I begin my gumbo/hush puppy detox, I can finally get the music video for "It's Not Out Yet" completed.  However, since I know you can all hardly wait, here's a little behind the scenes look! It's an interview with super hero Guardian Shield [...]

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First video a wrap!

Hey there! Chris Waffle reporting in. It's a very busy and exciting time in Megathruster HQ. I'm getting some amazing sounding final mixes for the album and the artwork should be finalized at any moment.  But the BIG fun was this past weekend when we filmed the first music video for "It's Not Out Yet".  [...]

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